Bathroom Remodeling in Palatine

bathroom remodeling Palatine

A new client from Palatine contacted us to remodel two full bathrooms. The client wanted help creating something different, especially a complete redesign of the master bathroom. We quickly brought some ideas to life.

Whenever we have an inquiry from a new client, we arrange to visit the location to see the space, talk, and discuss wishes and ideas. Usually, clients know what they want to achieve, but they need help formalizing desires into actionable steps.

In the case of bathroom remodeling in Palatine, together, we decided to completely change the existing setup. Before we started the work, we provided schematic designs. When the client from Palatine confirmed the plans, the work could begin.

Bathroom Remodeling Steps 

The Palatine client wanted to extend the footprint into the original closet to allow for a larger, two-sink vanity with a matte black finish and blue-toned cabinetry.

The first step was to tear down the entire existing master bathroom to expand the footprint and create a more user-friendly environment while maintaining privacy for daily use.

We removed very outdated ceramic shower tiles and surrounding glass blocks to open up the shower area for a more modern style.

bathroom remodeling Palatine before

Electrical and Plumbing Unexpected Work

In this phase, we recommend a full upgrade of the electrical and plumbing systems, including replacing old water and drain pipes along with electrical wires. Clients often exclude electrical and plumbing replacements. The work requires several additional days and a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

When clients see old wires and pipes, they realize it’s better to invest additional time and money when walls are bare and the installation is easily accessible than later, when the same work would cost ten times more and take double the time.


Ventilation and Humidity Control

To enlarge the master bathroom, the ventilation and humidity control had to be improved (to effectively cover the larger footprint). The client chose a new Panasonic silent exhaust fan. The increased ventilation greatly reduced moisture and steam after long hot showers, solving previous problems with mold on the ceiling.

Previously, the client had only one vanity sink, so they asked if it was possible to install a larger, double-sink vanity. We evaluated it and confirmed it was possible.

bathroom remodeling Palatine first remodeling work- demolition

Final Result of the Extensive Bathroom Remodeling

This master bathroom suite now includes a large walk-in shower, ample vanity storage, and plenty of natural light, thanks to a pocket sliding door with frosted glass that maintains privacy while allowing light in. With bright Benjamin Moore color palettes, we brought this vision to life.

It’s a modern take on the master bath. Can it get better than this?

Summary of the Full Bathroom Remodeling in Palatine

bathroom remodeling Palatine final results

It all starts with a design concept that merges function and form.

Then, we:

  • removed the old shower
  • built a full custom walk-in shower with a small curb to prevent water splashes
  • added one solid curb
  • added a half-wall quartz piece matching the vanity cabinet countertop
  • chose a clean palette of Dolomite porcelain tiles and polished Carrara marble hexagon mosaic floor tiles for inside and outside the shower, brightening the space
  • decided against a shower door, opting instead to leave the shower open with a half-top wall of clear frameless glass for a more open concept.

The old bathroom lacked natural light, so we installed a pocket sliding door matching with custom-ordered hardware integrated with frosted privacy glass.

We also added extra lighting with recessed LED lights and sconce lights flanking the mirrors.

bathroom remodeling Palatine final result

After 4 weeks, the work was finished and the client happily entered their new private sanctuary.

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